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Kotlin Tutorial
Kotlin Tutorial

Kotlin tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Kotlin programming language. Our Kotlin tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals both.

Kotlin is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language. It is widely used to develop android applications.

Our Kotlin Tutorial includes all topics of Kotlin such as introduction, architecture, class, object, inheritance, interface, generics, delegation, functions, mixing Java and Kotlin, Java vs. Kotlin, etc.

What is Kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed, and open-source programming language. It runs on JVM and can be used anywhere Java is used today. It can be used to develop Android apps, server-side apps and much more.

History of Kotlin

Kotlin was developed by JetBrains team. A project was started in 2010 to develop the language and officially, first released in February 2016. Kotlin was developed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Features of Kotlin

  • Concise: Kotlin reduces writing the extra codes. This makes Kotlin more concise.
  • Null safety: Kotlin is null safety language. Kotlin aimed to eliminate the NullPointerException (null reference) from the code.Interoperable.
  • Interoperable: Kotlin easily calls the Java code in a natural way as well as Kotlin code can be used by Java.
  • Smart cast: It explicitly typecasts the immutable values and inserts the value in its safe cast automatically.
  • Compilation Time: It has better performance and fast compilation time.
  • Tool-friendly: Kotlin programs are build using the command line as well as any of Java IDE.
  • Extension function: Kotlin supports extension functions and extension properties which means it helps to extend the functionality of classes without touching their code.

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Before learning Kotlin Tutorial, you must have the basic knowledge of any programming language.


Our Kotlin tutorial is designed to help beginners and professionals.


We assure that you will not get any mistake in this Kotlin Tutorial. However, if there is any mistake, please post the problem in the contact form.

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